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PM Active12® Serum


-Resurfaces, rejuvenates, and clarifies dull skin
-Voted best retinol replacement
-12% AHA/PHA Blend
-Shiitake + Bakuchiol + More
-For brighter, tighter, clearer skin
-Use for daily skin maintenance
-Overnight resurfacing serum
Gold Profection22® Mask


-Multi-award winning Mask
-A Facial in a bottle
-22% AHA/PHA Blend
-Exfoliating and rejuvenating
-Reishi + Broad Spectrum Oil
-Helps smoothen skin texture
-Reveal bright and glowy skin
-5 minute weekly rinse off mask
AM Active10® Essence


-Purifies, tones and exfoliates
-Primes and mattifies the skin
-Balances the skin’s pH levels
-Hydrating and nourishing
-Improves epidermal strength
-10% AHA/PHA Blend
-Reishi + Niacinamide + More
-Use for daily skin maintenance
Complex4 Hydrator® Cream


-Rich daily facial moisturizer
-Lightweight texture
-Delivers intense hydration
-Boost healthy collagen production
-Maitake + Peptides + Ceramides
-Broad-Spectrum Oil
-Can be used anytime of day
-Suitable for all skin types
Special Offer Complete Restorative System
Complete Restorative System

$382.00  $268.00

-FULL Ambari Collection
-Limited edition kits
-Signature gift box
-Morning and evening skin routine
-Includes exclusive headband and brush applicators
-Full medi-spa experience from the comfort of your own home.
Special Offer A blue holiday box set containing Ambari's PM Active12 Serum, Gold Profection22 Mask, two face brushes and a Ambari branded headband.
Resurface + Radiance Treatments

$208.00  $146.00

-Our highly active duo kit
-Limited edition Kit
-Signature gift box
-Overnight results after just one use
-Includes exclusive headband and brush applicators
-Exfoliating AHA/PHA blends
-For brighter, tighter, clearer skin
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Give the gift of self-care
- Gift cards will be delivered via email with instructions on how to redeem
- Only available to use at ambaribeauty.com
- Use for daily skin maintenance

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Why Ambari®?

Ambari® is an at-home facial experience that combines the best ingredients, of both the old and the new worlds in superior, high performing products. The secret to our products is our proprietary concept called The Modern Blend® which combines clinical actives, smart adaptogens and broad-spectrum oil. Together, they work to protect and enhance the skin’s own natural beauty.


Now, no one ever has to choose between pure ingredients or great results.

Our products are

  • Responsibly-sourced ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Fragrance-free

What we stand for

  • Pure ingredients
  • Clinical results
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Luxury
  • Confidence
  • Inclusivity


  • 98%
    of participants noticed an improvement in GLOW and LUMINOSITY on their skin after 24 hours*
  • 97%
    of participants saw their SKIN TONE and TEXTURE improve after 24 hours*
  • 97%
    of participants noticed their face feel SOFT and SMOOTH after 24 hours**
  • * Based on a 24 hour consumer study on 18 participants ages 25-65 for the PM Active12® Serum.** Based on a 24 hour clinical study on participants ages 26-45 for the Gold Profection22® Mask.

Sustainability Initiatives

ambari® cares

At Ambari® we're always looking for ways to stride towards a more sustainable future for you and for our planet. Our long-term goal is to become a zero-waste company offering you products you love that contribute to the planet positively.

Read more here.

Carbon Offsets with Cloverly

At Ambari®, we only offer carbon neutral shipping. Through our partnership with Cloverly, they help us easily offset the shipping by funding high-impact restoration projects. To Learn more please visit our sustainability page here.

Landfill Gas Capture 135 kgs of carbon has been offset

Improved Forest Management 183 kgs of carbon has been offset

Industrial Process Emissions Reduction 30 kgs of carbon has been offset

Energy Efficiency 57 kgs of carbon has been offset

Waste Management 13 kgs of Carbon

Livestock Gas Capture 0.37 kgs of Carbon


Gold Ambari logo
I usually have a lot of acne/irritation on my chin and my skin was significantly clearer after using the PM Active12® Serum for the first time! The serum wasn’t irritating my skin at all. I was nervous just because I have sensitive skin and very weird dry patches. But it didn't have a reaction, my skin is smooth and glowy. My redness is not as apparent as it normally is, so overall I am loving the PM Active12® Serum. It's so easy and I look forward to using it more.
Gold Ambari logo
I love the Gold Profection22® Mask. I think it has very strong ingredients. My skin looks better after just one use. I hope to get rid of a few age lines by constantly using it. Thank you.
Gold Ambari logo
The PM Active12® Serum has helped remove the excess oil and impurities from my skin, leaving it feeling like new.Love love love this product, skin looks fresh, glowing, less oily, in love with this product.
An image if a woman smiling
After using the PM Active12® the results on skin tone improvements were amazing. My healthy skin even before using it just got this extra glow and hydration on a deeper level. It was quickly absorbed by my skin, making it smooth and silky without any stickiness. Absolutely in love with this product!
An image of a woman smiling
After using the PM Active12® the texture of my skin has changed significantly. It feels & looks fresher, softer, smoother and more refined. The wrinkles around my lips have appeared to lessen.
A photo of a woman with blonde highlights smiling
After using the Gold Profection22® Mask I notice the fine lines around my mouth are less noticeable, skin looks more luminous and hydrated, reduction in redness and my skin tone looks more even.
A photo of a woman with her hands on her face smiling
Love love love this product, skin looks fresh, glowing, less oily, in love with this product!!!
Gold Ambari logo
The Gold Profection22® Mask truly is "pure gold." I loved the tingly sensation that I experienced when applying the mask- evidence that the mask was doing it's purpose. The mask was silky and easy to apply. After it was removed, it left my skin glowing and silky smooth for days! Not only did it leave my complexity clear and vibrant, yet the sign of visible lines were diminished. I highly recommend this product to any women in their 40s plus and I look forward to making this part of my daily routine.
Laura F.
Gold Ambari logo
The PM Active12® Serum is one of my favourite face products to date. The product was soft and easy to apply; only a little bit of product was needed to do its magic. After a week of using the product, I noticed a complete transformation with my skin. It was radiant, clear and glowing for days! I also applied the product to troubled areas of my skins (i.e. blemishes and dry skin patches), and those cleared up within days. This product is a gem and I look forward in having it a part of my skin routine.
Sara B.
A woman with bright red lips smiling
The PM Active12® feels like an accelerated facial in under 12 hours! When applying the product at night, I felt a tingling sensation and my skin renewing by shedding an old layer. I will then wake up the next morning with a fresh layer of skin and be ready for my day. The product helped with my overall complexion, improved my skin tone, and even reduced my pores! I love the PM Active12® and will highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have a quick pick me up (I used the product about three times a week).
Laura G.