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Ambari's Gold Profection22 Mask bottle beside the PM Active12 bottle

“Ambari® is a luxurious skincare formula by taking ancient ingredients and enhancing them with modern innovation, providing real results from the comfort of your home.”
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At Ambari® we believe that self-care starts with skincare. We knew there was a way to bridge the gap between pure ingredients and performance. We wanted a luxurious, at-home experience that combines the best of both, the old and the new worlds. So, we partnered with the finest labs and chemists to create a proprietary concept called The Modern Blend® which combines clinical actives, smart adaptogens, and broad-spectrum oil. Together, they work to protect and enhance the skin’s own natural beauty.

Our Mission

We are committed to sourcing only nature’s purest, yet most powerful, ingredients. Each product is highly concentrated with the finest and most active ingredients available, so each one has a deliberate purpose for your skin, sans fillers. Our mission is to provide you medi-spa results from the comfort of your home. Our products have undergone third-party verification of broad-spectrum oil levels to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction. All Ambari® products are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without silicones, parabens, fragrance, PEGs, or phthalates.

Nisha Grewal

Founder & CEO

Nisha Grewal is accustomed to challenging norms and breaking down barriers - Prior to her entrepreneurship, Nisha was a dedicated student at University with determination and passion to create an inventive product from the ground up.

Growing up in a proud Indo-Canadian home, Nisha was accustomed to a life of natural remedies and cultural rituals. Grewal and her family leaned into herbs, spices and adaptogens for skin health benefits and pain relief. In her youth, Nisha loved to indulge in skin care treatments at-home. With adaptogens specifically, she saw the healing power it had to sustain skin barrier function when applied topically. As a young adult, she transitioned to medical spas, especially chemical peels. The daily skin care routine was second nature to Nisha, however, only with regular visits to the medical spas did she notice a true transformation in her skin.

Forever the entrepreneur, Nisha realized she needed to be the one to bring performance driven skincare to the market for all consumers. She knew it was possible for the skin to transform after just one treatment; she was on a mission to create it. Through her years using of adaptogens, high concentrations of acids, and research, Nisha discovered something incredible. The combination of powerhouse actives, smart adaptogens, & broad-spectrum oil. Thinking outside the box, Nisha and her team of experts created result driven formulations that would help skin tone and texture, increase glow and luminosity and help diminish fine lines, for every skin color and skin type.

The end result was the innovative, performance-driven skincare concept Nisha aspired to create for herself and others: Ambari®.