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At Ambari® we're always looking for ways to stride towards a more sustainable future for you and for our planet.

This Is Just the Beginning...

At Ambari®, our long-term goal is to become a zero-waste company offering you products you love that contribute to the planet positively.

Follow along below to see how we are contributing to our environment.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

At Ambari®, we only offer carbon neutral shipping. Through our partnership with Cloverly, they help us easily offset the shipping by funding high-impact restoration projects. Switching to carbon-neutral shipping brings us one step closer to helping protect the environment. 

Whenever a package is shipped, the amount of emissions used to do so are calculated so carbon credits can be purchased to offset the emissions.

To read more about how Ambari® is being proactive with Carbon Neutral Shipping, please visit Cloverly.

Recyclable Bottles

Our glass bottles are solid and sturdy - ready for you to up-cycle or recycle, and our pumps are Polypropylene (PP) which are BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

Why Polypropylene?: 
• Takes fewer natural resources to produce and uses less energy
• Low carbon footprint and transmits the lowest carbon dioxide emissions compared to other plastics
• It is considered the safest of all plastics
• It is widely recycled

Why Glass?:
• Made from naturally occurring ingredients abundant in nature
• 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely in a closed-loop cycle, with no loss in quality or purity
• Solid and study, making it easy to be up-cycled
• Nonporous and impermeable, making it the most stable of all packaging materials. We print directly onto our bottles to avoid the use of stickers to reduce our landfill contribution


Beginning in 2022, all of our paper packaging will be manufactured with FSC paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensures the paper is responsibly sourced from independently certified managed plantations and can be traced at each stage in the product lifecycle, guaranteeing that the material is not contributing to environmental destruction or habitat loss. 

Ambari® Uses...

• Sustainably-sourced, plant-derived, efficacious ingredients in our products 

• RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Ingredients 
RSPO has developed a set of environmental and social criteria which companies must comply with in order to produce Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). When they are properly applied, these criteria can help to minimize the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions.

*Ambari does not support the use of animal by-products in our formulas or conduct animal testing

Key Ingredients

• Sodium Hyaluronate Powder is a natural mucopolysaccharide produced by an all-natural fermentation and purification process

• Mushroom Complex is a hydrolysate of Reishi mushroom(Ganoderma Lucidum), Maitake mushroom(Grifola Frondosa) and Shiitake Mycelium(Lentinus Edodes) produced with a unique greenextraction method called “Mycelysis Extraction™”

• Fruit Acid Complex contains five natural plant extracts and alphahydroxy acids to promote healthier, younger looking skin

• Green Tea Extract is cold-process extracted using all natural and 100% pure leaves.

• Sustainable Neroli Hydrosol is a USDA Certified Organic distillate (hydrosol) from neroli flowers. Hydrosols are more sustainable because you get a greater yield with considerably less plant material. So not only is it more sustainable to plants and the natural world.

• Shea Butter is The farmers follow a high standard of agricultural practices in terms of sustainability, environmental responsibility, and plant cultivation.

Recycling Program

We're always trying to keep this planet happy and healthy.

Save 3 of your empty Ambari® bottles, ship them back to us to recycle and receive a $50 gift card on your next order.

How It Works:
- Hold onto 3 empty Ambari® bottles
- Email info@ambaribrands.com to claim your pre-paid shipping label
- Drop off your package at any USPS store
- Allow 7-12 business days for our team to get back to you with your gift card

Thank you for recycling with us!

Proudly Next Level Clean

Our products are free of...

• Sulfates
• SLS and SLES
• Parabens
• Formaldehyde
• Phthalates
• Luminum salts
• Ethanolamines
• Nanoparticles oxybenzone resorcinol
• Retinyl palmitate 
• Talc

• Toluene
• Triclosan
• PFA compounds octinoxate
• Nitromusks
• Polycyclic musks
• Silicones
• Ethoxylated ingredients
• EDTA (including derivatives)
• Benzophenones
• Ethanolamines

Why We're PEG Free

The PEG manufacturing process, based on the principle of ethoxylation, is complex and potentially damaging to the environment.

One of the raw materials used is ethylene oxide: this substance is classified as flammable, toxic, sensitizing, mutagenic, carcinogenic and reprotoxic.

Although this is not normally found in the final product, polyethylene glycol, some believe a risk of contamination may arise from the presence of residues. The low biodegradability of PEGs is also an issue.

Cosmetics that contain it often make their way into the wastewater system, when consumers rinse their face or take a shower or bath. However, PEGs are not treated by wastewater treatment plants, and so these can end up in rivers, streams and oceans.

Statement of Governance

Cultivating an accountable culture is crucial to our manufacturing practices by working with ingredient suppliers, packaging vendors and distributors who have the same vision we do.

Bringing responsibly sourced, beautiful skincare to our consumers, without any harmful ingredients or practices that go against what we, what you, and what our environment stands for.


Leaping Bunny Certified

Dermatologist Reviewed

Ethically Sourced